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Rent the T3Coupe Retro Tram

Rent the T3Coupe Retro Tram

Rent the T3Coupe Retro Tram

  • 7,750CZK

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Rent the T3Coupé Retro Tram

Ride famously scenic routes on Europe’s most exclusive tram, the brand-new T3Coupé. The one-in-a-kind tram with onboard bar is a masterpiece of Czech design, modeled after Prague’s legendary Tatra T3 trams.

When:  Every Day
Price:  7.700 CZK / h (minimum 1 hour)
Where:  Střešovice Depot (Patočkova 4, 162 00 Praha 6)

What You Will Do

Upon arrival at the Střešovice Depot, you will be greeted by a Prague Public Transport company driver in retro uniform, board the tram car, punch your tickets and journey through Prague. The price of the ride is charged per hour, starting from the time when the tram leaves the Střešovice Depot. 

What to Expect

Expect a unique, exclusive experience perfect for groups, corporate events or even celebrations or parties.

The T3Coupé is in service only since Designblok festival in October 2018 but its design continues the tradition of Prague’s much-loved T3 trams, an inseparable part of the cityscape since the 1960s.

Honored by the RedDot Design Award, and realized by the Prague Public Transport Company, a.s. In cooperation with Anna Marešová designers, the tram features an open rear section, leather benches and a bar inspired by a similar fitment in the 1950s T1 tram.

Another distinctive piece of inspiration can be found in the roof windows, a nod to the famed Škoda 706 RTO bus.

The designers have even included details such as a ticket punch, a permanent fixture in the tram and one that will come into use at the start of each journey, as passengers will be given original T3 Coupé tickets. The new tram preserves the poetry of the 1960s and as such is a celebration of the work of designer František Kardaus (1908⁠–⁠1986), the creative mind behind the original Tatra T3 tram.

What’s Included:

Retro-uniformed Prague Public Transport Company tram driver
The only T3Coupé tram in the world (for up to ca. 31 passengers)

Optional Extras:

Refreshments – Competitively priced food and beverages can be purchased (see prices below). Food and drinks need to be ordered in advance via email. If you’d like to bring your own instead of the total price of the ride will be increased by 25%.
Musical performance – We are happy to provide an accordionist for CZK 1200 or a jazz band for the price of CZK 4,840.
Tour guide –  A tour guide (available in many languages) will accompany you for CZK 2,000 per hour.

The Route

The standard route is

Vozovna Střešovice (the depot)
Strossmayerovo náměstí
Náměstí Republiky
Národní divadlo
Pražský hrad
again terminating at the Střešovice Depot.

This route corresponds to booking for 1 hour and leads past Letna Park, across two scenic bridges, along the river in the Old Town and up the castle hill. It offers views of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the National Theater, the Dancing House, Malostranské náměstí, St. Nicholas and many other sights.

If you’d like to take a different route or end the trip somewhere other than the depot please contact us in advance via email (

Prices - Food and Drink

White wine (0.7l) - 300 CZK
Red wine (0.7l) - 300 CZK
Pilsener beer (can, 0.3l) - 50 CZ
Pilsener beer (can, 0.5l) - 55 CZ
Gambrinus beer (can, 0.5l) - 45 CZK
Sekt Bohemia Demi brut (0.7l) - 390 CZK
 Sekt Andre (0.7l) -  430 CZK
Sekt Andre Clouet grande (0.7l) - 1100 CZK
Becherovka (0,05l) - 50 CZK
Slivovice (0,05l) - 60 CZK
Tonik, Cola (0.2l) - 30 CZK
Cola, limo, čaj (can, 0,33l) - 45 CZK
Mattoni water (bottle) 35 CZK 

Cake (piece) - 50 CZK
Pork Schnitzels (0,5 kg) - 175 CZK
Canape with smoked salmon (min 30 pieces) - 45 CZK
Canape with shrimp (min 30 pieces)  - 45 CZK
Canape with cheese - 20 CZK
Sandwich - 50 CZK
Pretzel - 33 CZK
Chlebíček (Czech open-face sandwich) - 35 CZK

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