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Prague Underground Tour

Prague Underground Tour

Prague Underground Tour

  • 400CZK

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Daily in English at: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

(Exc. Dec. 23,24,25 & 31st evening + Jan 1st morning, )

The city of Prague is famous for its beautifull architecture, but there are not only the treasures which are visible on first sight on the streets. Like many other european cities also Prague has lot of hidden gems and secret places. Some of them almost 1000 years old. Beneath the town is an other city. The one from before. Under the houses of patricians and palaces of nobilities a whole complex of underground cellars, rooms and labbyrinth-like corridors can be revealed. The whole city, mostly in the area of the OldTown is undermined with theese historical settings. Many times rebuilt, forgotten and again discovered, theese historical undergrounds give an insight into the past, unknown facts and relations and give a picture of the life of a medieval city in the 11th and 12th century. Join us for a visit to one of the most spectacular underground areas in central Europe !


- 1000 years of history of the Oldtown and strories from the ancient times of Prague
- visit of the old city undegrounds in the Oldtown from the 12th & 13th cent. and even older
- tour through the hidden rooms, corridors and cellars up to 2 floors beneath the ground

PRICE: 400 Czk or 16Eur / 350 Czk or 16Eur Stud.

DURATION: 1 hour

(PLEASE NOTE: the tour also takes place on the dates of Dec. 23,26,27,28,29,30, but the dates of 23,26,30 are not bookable online-Tickets for that dates can be purchased at the ticket office or can be reserved via email)

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