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Tourist INFO

Free Indoor Activities

St Nicolas, Old Town Square – on the Old Town Square, this Hussite Church is open from 9am – 5 pm from March to October and 9am till 4pm from November till February. A church service is held on Sundays 10am.

The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn – visit the resting place of the famous Danish astronomer Tycho de Brahe. Enter the church from the Old Town Square, it is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am till 1pm, 3pm till 5pm and Sun 10:30am til 12pm.

Free Outdoor Activities

Charles Bridge – a must do while in Prague, cross the bridge any time of day, with the best time for photos dusk and dawn.

John Lennon Wall – once you have crossed the Charles Bridge from the Old Town to Malá Strana, take the first left, then the first right, to visit the most famous wall in the city.

Žluté Lázně – free after 5pm, you can swim in the Vltava and there is a child’s pool too. Take tram 17 or 18 along the river heading south.

Kampa Park – a great place to spend the afternoon. Wander around and enjoy wonderful views of Old Town, including Charles Bridge and the National Theatre.

Petřín Park – a beautiful wooded parkland popular with Czechs to wander through in summer. Enter from Újezd in the Malá Strana area.

Vyšehrad Castle – home of the mystical Princess Libuše, Vyšehrad is a wonderful castle built in the 10th century. Catch the red metro line in the southern direction and get off at the stop Vyšehrad.

Recommended Paid Tours

Prague Castle Tour – 3 hour tour starting with an included tram-ride up the hill to the Castle District and continues through the castle, gardens taking in the most important churches and palaces on the way. Daily at 11am and 2pm. Price: 300,-kc. Meeting Point: At our office “Celetna st. 12″(in the passage), 25 meters from Old Town Square. Guides have yellow shirts and yellow umbrellas.

Kutná Hora & the Bone Chapel Tour – 7 hour tour starting with an included train ride through the Czech country-side to the town of Sedlec, home of the famous Bone Chapel. Then Venture into Kutná Hora and explore the city that was once prosperous due to its silver mines. Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 11am. Price: 700,-kc. Meets at Old Town Square by the Astronomical Clock. Guides have yellow shirts and yellow umbrellas.

Prague Pub Crawl – an all night party including an hour of unlimited beer, wine, vodka & absinthe starting at two different times. Then crawl to at least 3 other bars where you receive a free welcome shot and finish at the 5-story mega-club (the biggest in Prague) with free entry! For an extra 2 EUR or 50 czk, you can purchase our WORLD FAMOUS Pub Crawl T-Shirt! Come and join the fun with our two start times: 19:45 and 20:45. Price: 500,-kc. meeting point, Celetna str. 12, just 25 meters from the Old Town Square.

Best Free Views

Petřín Hill – from the city center take tram number 9, 12, 20 or 22 and get off at Újezd. Proceed up the hill on the funicular which operates every 15 minutes. There are 2 stops on Petřín HIll.

Letná Park – from the city center take tram 26 and get off at Sparta then cross through the opposite fields. Alternativly walk across Čechův Bridge and use the pedestrian steps to scale the hill.

Riegrovy Sady – the park has several entrances. If you’re coming from Jiřího z Poděbrad, walk down Mánesova and take a right onto Třebízského. If you’re taking tram 11, get off at Vinohradská tržnice and turn onto Třebízského from Vinohradská street.

Culinary Delights beyond Goulash

Food List:

Svíčková s knedlíky
Marinated beef sirloin in white sauce and dumplings and cranberries.
Pečená kachna se zelím a houskovými knedlíky
Roast duck and red cabbage and dumplings.
Pečené vepřové koleno
Roast pork knuckle and horseradish and mustard.
Czech raw beef, served with fried bread and cloves of garlic.
Smažený sýr
Deep fried cheeses, eidam, hermerlin and blue.

Booze List:

Plum brandy usually consumed deeply chilled. 45% alcohol.
Flavored with anise seed, cinnamon, and approximately 32 other herbs. 38% alcohol.
Flavored with 14 herbs, imported from the Mediterranean and the Alps. 40% alcohol.
Anise flavored spirit derived from botanicals. Not hallucinogenic. 70% alcohol.

Snack List:

Open-faced sandwich with ham, cheese, tomatoes and cucumber
Crepe or thin pancake with either salty or sweet fillings

Hints to Save Money in Prague

  • Don’t over tip. Though tipping 10-15% is expected sometimes restaurants and bars will automatically include the tip. Look out for this “service charge” and don’t leave an additional tip.
  • Pubs and bars do not have cover charges.
  • Get off the main streets and look for Dnešní Menu “daily menus” often two courses for 100,-kc.


The Do’s & Don’ts in Prague


  • Drink tap water. It is safe and free. Refill your plastic bottle!
  • Use the public transportation less and walk more! Buy 24 hr. pass (110,-kc) when using public transportation more than 4 times in a day.
  • Do punch your ticket before you get down to the subway platform.
  • Validate the ticket on board trams and buses by inserting it into the machine.
  • Get lost! Walk the streets without a map and enjoy the safe, clean city.
  • Color code for Czech mineral water bottle caps: BLUE = Still, GREEN = softly carbonated, PINK/RED = fizzy



  • Don’t say “thank you” in a bar or restaurant when paying until you got your change. It can be interpreted as: “keep the change.”
  • Do not use taxis unless you have previously bargained for or arranged your fare.
  • Don’t order drinks without checking their prices (Especially at restaurants offing a “tourist menu”).
  • Don’t leave your tips on a restaurant table.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, exchange money on the streets.
  • Do not leave your camera, wallet or valuables in view on trams, buses and metro, pick pockets are around.
  • Do not call The Czech Republic, “Czechoslovakia.” It hasn’t been since 1993.


Synagogues in Prague

The Old New Synagogue – Europe’s oldest active synagogue. The gothic Synagogue is located in the heart of the Jewish Quarters.

The Spanish Synagogue – a Moorish Revival synagogue built in 1868. The synagogue is most remarkable for the elaborate style of the interior, every surface is covered by elaborate Islamic-style polychrome and gilded patterns, some painted and some carved or molded.

Pinkas Synagogue – a memorial to the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia murdered by the Nazis. On its walls are inscribed the names of the almost 80,000 victims as well as a permanent exhibition of children’s drawings from the Terezín Concentration Camp.

Museums in Prague

National Museum – an exhibition of natural scientific and historical collections with almost 14 million items from the area of natural history, history, arts, music and librarianship, located in tens of buildings. Entry: 100,-kc Address: Václavské náměstí 68.

Franz Kafka Museum – an immersion into the world of Kafka, explore and experience how the city affects the writer, how it shapes his life, the mark it leaves on him. Entry: 180,-kc. Address: Cihelná 2b.

Kája Saudek Comics Musem – dedicated to one of the most notable Czech artists this permanent exibition showcasing a world renound comic genius. Entry: 120,-kc. Address: 28. Října 3.

Ghosts & Legends Museum – a selection of the most famous and most interesting ghosts and legends of the historical city of Prague. Entry: 100,-kc. Address: Mostecká # 18.

Museum of Alchemists – discover the mystery of alchemists and magicians of Old Prague in this interactive exposition. Entry: 100,-kc. Address: Jánský Vršek 8.

Museum of Torture Instruments – more than 60 medieval instruments of torture from all over Europe. Křížovnické nám. # 194/1.

Side Trips from Prague

Český Krumlov – take a bus from Florenc Main Bus Station

Karlštejn – take a train from the Main Train Station. For a guided bike tour visit Praha Bike, 24 Dlouha St.

Kutná Hora – take a train from the Main Train Station. For a guided tour see our Premium Tours Section.

Plzeň – take a train or bus to the town where pilsner beer was born. A popular attraction there is the Pilsner Urquell Brewery tour. Buses leave daily from Florenc and trains from Smichov.

Karlovy Vary – a popular spa town destination in the west of Czech, names after Czech’s most famous ruler, King Charles IV. It is famous for its 13 hot springs as well as being the home of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Student Agency busses go from both the airport and Florence.

For more information…

Please don’t hesitate to come ask any of our guides, positioned on the Old Town Square, in front of the Astronomical Clock, under the yellow umbrellas.

They are a wealth of information and there for you.