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More of the Tour Guides

We are a collective of highly motivated professional tour guides who speak native-level English and share a passion for storytelling, history, Bohemian culture and the magic city of Prague.

We do the kind of tours we would like to go on: up-beat, fun, engaging and in-depth.

We aim to make you make the most out of their stay: laugh, learn, taste and discover, but also avoid the tourist traps Prague has become notorious for and discover the overlooked, quirky, bizarre and cozy cafes, hidden bars, alleys and sights off the beaten path. And we can help you do everything cheaply.

We are proud the quality of our tours is reflected in great feedback and consistently excellent reviews (e.g. on

We have been around for nearly ten years but we like to grow slowly and do things well. For tours and activities we don’t (yet) do ourselves – Segway Tours, Boat Trips, Black Light Theater, etc – we work with partners. Our partners are carefully chosen and all offer excellent value for money and are top-rated in their respective fields.

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Hi, my name is Bianca and here’s my story: I was born in Romania, but ever since I was young...
Pistis grew up in Jerusalem, Isreal. at the age of 19 he went for his first...
Born in Prague, David’s love for his home city, is equal first in his book with his love for ...